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Student Services

Bell Language School does its best to support the influx of multicultural students on the ongoing basis. Our students come from all over the world (91 countries in our 17 years of operation) and the majority of them are in their 20’s. 

Bell Language School provides with academic and personal advising for its students. School will answer any questions you have about your program and your overall experience at Bell Language School and in the U.S.A.

Our counseling services are available in the following languages: English, Czech, Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. For languages not listed on the Bell Language School website interpreter might be provided.

  • Fostering the development of academic and personal goals and plans

  • Teaching students the School’s academic requirements, policies, and resources

  • Cultural shock and the structure of American society and tradition

We support international students in their cultural and educational transition to the School. We assist students in reaching their educational goals by informing them about their rights and responsibilities relative to their immigration status in the United States, creating a supportive environment, and ensuring legal compliance with the Students and Exchange Visitors System (SEVIS).

School representatives are available for students 5 days a week during school normal operation hours: we answer your questions via email, phone, or in person.

Please feel free to make an appointment with the school foreign student advisers (DSO). These officers are responsible for answering all student questions relating to their F-1 student status, as well as other US Immigration issues. Bell Language School issues I-20 Forms for International Students free of charge in accordance with the enrollment procedure.

At Bell School, our obligation to our students starts long before they arrive. We strive to fulfill their expectations from the moment we receive the first email/call from the student. We carefully answer all the questions and guide through the academic and visa processes. DSO does a documentation prescreening before any of the documents for the student are proceeded.

Prior to your interview with the US Consul, you may request to speak with the school Director to make sure you are prepared for the interview and ask any final questions you may have. Take advantage of this opportunity to speak to the school Director live, as she has a great deal of experience and will be able to answer any questions you may have. You should get an email from the school administration regarding available times and dates for the interview.

We will email/mail you an “Introductory package for student abroad” where you will find information about U.S. Embassy appointment, student housing, Health Insurance, airport pick up, public transportation, etc.

We provide to our students an opportunity to better acclimatize to life in the United States through an Orientation Session held by Student Services Representative for all new students. During this discussion, the following information is given to our students to help them better understand life in the US and will give an opportunity to ask questions that have arisen since students’ arrival. This information can also be discussed on an individual basis if students prefer to do so. Topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Teaching students the School’s academic requirements, policies, and resources

  • Fostering the development of academic and personal goals and plans

  • Advising on adjustment to living in the new country, U.S.A.

  • Cultural shock and the structure of American society and tradition

  • School and immigration regulations

  • Placement test

  • Student ID

  • School Wi-Fi and Computer Labs

  • Health Insurance

  • How to open a bank account

  • How to apply for a driver’s license

  • Student housing assistance

You can also get to know your fellow classmates, meet with school representatives.
Orientation sessions are held on Wednesdays before each session.

All new students must take a placement test to determine their level. This is a standardized test developed by Pearson Longman. Students must take this test prior to the start of their first session. Placement Test structure consists of the following: Please make sure to have 2 hours available for the test.

  • Test length is 45 minutes (Grammar Part) and 55 minutes (Listening part).

  • Listening and Grammar are tested

  • You will be given all required materials to take the test

  • Placement test is free of charge with student registration

Upcoming Placement Test Dates and Times may be found here.

Bell Language School admission, well trained and qualified, staff will answer all your questions about the TOEFL test. Except for the prep course we offer, we are also able to instruct students about what is TOEFL test needed for, how, and where to register. We also provide students with official TOEFL iBT brochures as well as the website info.

For students who are planning to continue their education in American colleges and Universities, Bell Language School conducts an orientation session, which helps to understand an American education system as well as get the information about credit transfer, college/university admission requirements, existing diploma translation. Also important contact information is provided to the students: CUNY and other collages and universities in NYC welcome centers, telephones, websites and email addresses.

Bell Language School is constantly working on establishing relationships with local colleges and universities.

Bell Language School does not own a dormitory, however we present our students with several housing options. Though Bell Language School doesn’t accept any payments for housing (students will pay directly to the hosts), we are happy to assist our students with their housing arrangements. Students may also contact these housing facilities directly. Dormitories we recommend have proven to be reputable, clean, and close to the school. Please contact info@bellschool.og for more info.

Bell Language School issues student IDs to every student of the school that requests them. Please fill out a Student ID Request Form with an attached photograph and submit it to the Admission Office with a fee of $15. Student IDs are usually available for pick up within one week of submission.

All textbook are available at the office and ISBN numbers are provided to the students for personal order.

It is recommended for every student to obtain health insurance. Information about where to obtain student health insurance is available at the admission office and at the school bulletins and school website . Students may buy insurance at www.internationalstudentinsurance.com or www.aetnastudenthealth.com.

At the end of every session, Bell Language School organizes a field trip as part of our efforts to educate our students on American Culture and New York City Life. This helps students interact with each other outside of the classroom, experience life and culture of New York City, and better assimilate into American life. Some of the places visited in past years are museums, sporting events, seasonal holiday events, parks, plays, and shows.

Field Trips/ School Events are organized to take place on the last day of the session and students are presented with an opportunity to choose to attend this event or remain in the school and have a regular class. All instructors must submit a Field Trip Form available at the Admission Office. If students elect to stay in the school, Bell Language School administration arranges for regular classroom instructions.

Field Trips / School Events are discussed with the school administration before any scheduled events can take place. They should be pedagogical and tied into materials studied in class. Please find attached field trips/event year calendar updated with exact dates and trips possible fees.
Note: school strongly recommends that student obtain a medical insurance in case of any injury during the filed trips or school event or events planned by school. School is not responsible for any of student’s medical/health issues.

Bell Language School offers our students an opportunity to use our computer lab for personal, as well as academic needs. Wi-Fi is also available throughout the school free of charge. The admission office provides students with a password for its use.

Bell Language School provides non-credit courses.
In order to get a Certificate of Completion, students must successfully complete all Bell Language School classes that they were registered for. Successful completion of a class means that a student passed all the tests and satisfied the 80% attendance requirements.

Students may request their certificates upon completion of their program at the admission office.Transcript might be issued upon completion of the program, as well as in the middle of it.

Note: Certificates and transcripts have to be requested by the student at least a week before. Issuing of the above documents might take from 3 to 7 business days.

Students can request any copy from their file at any time at the admission office. Request might be processed within 7 – 10 business days.

Bell Language School offers airport pick-up to take you to your place of stay. Please email info@bellschool.org to inform us of your arrival information. Please do so at least a week before your arrival. Also, please notify us of where you will be staying so we can send you directions to the school from your place of stay.

School admission office provides student with bank and bank representatives information, that can help students to open a bank account. Banks are aware of that as well, and once a session school may organize a bank orientation, when bank workers come directly to the school and open bank accounts with the students. Bank information is available at any time upon student’s request.

Bell Language School administration representatives are aware of international students issues that are new to the city , therefore they are always ready to give students a consultation about how to use MTA maps and services, where and how to get a public library card as well as where to find and how to join a NYC activities, parades and festivals.